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Our Story

Owners Maggie and Jarrod Dungan began the farm in 2015. Maggie is a first generation farmer and works full time running the farm. Jarrod grew up farming conventionally and works full time in Lexington, farming in his time off.


Maggie’s interest in growing food resulted from an education in nutrition and the family's desire to be self sustaining. They had always liked the idea of one day living in the country and farming. So after a couple of years and a couple of kids, they made the move to Versailles to do just that.

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The name

What's in a name? Yes, they do grow lots of lettuce, but that wasn't the concept for the farm name. The "salad days" is actually a term coined by Shakespeare and first appeared in his 1606 Antony and Cleopatra. It originally indicated a distant time of youthful naïveté, but has been adapted to mean a time in one's life when things are vibrant, full of vim, vigor and at the peak of one's abilities. Farming encompasses both of these meanings, so Maggie and Jarrod can happily say they’re always living the salad days.

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