Classic Genovese Italian type basil, perfect for pesto, drying, and caprese salads. 

Lemon Basil 

Popular in Asian cooking, this basil has a sweet lemony aroma and flavor. Best used at the end of a dish to enhance this. 


Used in so many cultures, but certaintly a must for salsa. We recomend planting in a large pot that can be kept inside as cilantro will quickly bolt (go to flower) in the heat. 


Nothing beats the smell of fresh dill! Use in a myriad of dishes from fish to eggs and of course pickles!


Native to the Mediterrainian, rosemary will overwinter and come back season after season. 


Oh if we only had more thyme! Also from the Mediterranian, thyme is part of the mint family and will return season after season. 


Flat leaf parsley or Italian parsley. This herb is more flavor packed than its curly garnish cousin. 


Cousin to garlic and onion, this perennial herb will continue to come back and spread. Continually snip on its leaves to encourage new growth. And don't forget the flowers are edible too! 


This mint variety can be used like any other mint plant. Great for desserts, teas, and salads. Be careful as mint likes to spread, so best for containers. 


Also part of the mint family, oregano is a classic meditteranian herb used in a variety of dishes. This is also a perennial and will return each year. 


The wisest of the herbs. Hardy perennial that will return each year and perfect addition to beans!


Nature's sweetener, this herb will not survive our winters, so you many want to consider planting it in a container to bring in. Plant outside after all danger of frost. 

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