cherokee purple.jpeg
Cherokee Purple

Large Slicer - Popular heirloom variety with a rich, sweet and full flavor that is balanced and perfect for sandwiches. Dusky purple-pink color with slightly green shoulders when ripe. A farm favorite for beauty and taste!

striped german.jpeg
Striped German

Large Slicer - Bicolor red and yellow heirloom tomato with complex and fruity flavor. Marbled interior is beautiful sliced. Lower in acid than typical red tomatoes. 


Extra Large Slicer - Well know heirloom dating back to 1885 and used as a benchmark for tomato flavor. Large pink/red fruits can often be over 1lb. 

yellow brandywine.jpeg
Yellow Brandywine

Extra Large Slicer - Sweet rich tasting heirloom that compares in quality and tomato flavor to its pink/red sister. Yellow tomatoes have less acid, so are gentle on the stomach. 

martha washington.jpeg
Martha Washington

Medium Slicer - Heirloom quality with the disease resistance of a hybrid. These pink/red tomatoes grow well here in Kentucky and are heavy producers. Only available at the farm store!

Mr. Stripey

Extra Large Slicer - Heirloom slicer with high sugar content that can easily reach over 1lb. These along with the yellow brandywine are low in acid, so no need to hold back! Only available at the farm store!

green zebra.jpeg
Green Zebra

Cocktail - Slightly tart but still sweet, these interesting smaller tomatoes are eye catching and green when ripe. Perfect for wedging and adding to salads or making salsa. You'll have to go by feel to know when these are ready!

san marzano.jpeg
San Marzano

Paste - Classic heirloom paste tomato. Meaty and almost no seed cavity. Our go to choice for sauces, salsas, and drying. Only available at the farm store!

black cherry.jpeg
Black Cherry

Cherokee Purple's little cousin, this heirloom cherry is full of rich sweet flavor. Beautiful addition to a Caprese salad if you don't eat them all of the vine first!

bing cherry.jpeg
Bing Cherry

Very sweet with balanced acidity. These cherries produce well in the heat, with bright red fruit in the 1" range. 


Have you heard of Sungolds? Well Citrine is just that but better! More disease resistance and reliable in harsh conditions. Perfect for snacking, salads, and even sauces. Lower acidity than red tomato varieties. Only available at the farm store!

indigo cherry drop .jpeg
Indigo Cherry Drop 

Bursting with sweet flavor, these unique looking heirloom cherries are heavy producers. High in anthocyanin which is a flavonoid that has antioxidant effects. 

yellow pear .jpeg
Yellow Pear

A very old heirloom variety from the 1800's that is still sought out today. Pear shaped tomatoes have a mild but sweet flavor. Expect for these to keep producing in abundance. 

cherry bomb.jpeg
Cherry Bomb

Bite sized cherry tomato that is highly resistant to late blight. Perfect for snacking, these classic tomato cherries are firm and strong producers.