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Sweet Bell 

Typical bell peppers that turn from green to red. This variety, CA Wonder is

well suited for this area and will produce over a long period of time. 


Slightly spicier than an Anaheim, poblanos are often used green but when left to ripen to a dark red they sweeten. Popular roasted or stuffed! 


Moderately spicy pepper most often used in its red form. These long thin walled peppers dry easily and are often ground and marketed as red pepper flakes you might top your pizza with. 


More heat than a jalapeno, serranos are similar in shape and color but smaller. Often used in salsas, cooking and roasted. Prolific growers, these plants will keep growing over a long season especially if picked often. 


Jalapenos can range in heat level most often due to growing conditions. When left to turn red they will sweeten a bit. Like all pepper plants, your plant will be more productive if you harvest regularly. 


Hailing from Peru, this is a pepper with some serious heat. 100 times as hot a jalapeno, so you won't need many. This plant will produce regularly if picked often. 

scotch bonnet.png
Scotch Bonnet

Nearly twice as hot as a habanero these small hotties will turn red when ripe. Often used in Caribbean cooking, these peppers have a fruity and bright flavor if you can get past the heat! 

hot banana .jpeg
Hot Banana

5 times milder than a jalapeno so not that hot, these yellow peppers will eventually ripen to red where they are just as good. Perfect for pickling, frying, stuffing, or just snacking.  

sweet banana.jpeg
Sweet Banana

Mild and tangy these peppers will start off yellow and ripen to red/orange where they will gain some sweetness. Use them in cooking, fry them up or pickle them! 


Mildly spicy east Asian pepper most often pan roasted to become blistered. These are the Russian roulette of peppers because 90% will be mild, while 10% will pack some heat. 


HOT HOT HOT!!! These were once deemed the hottest peppers in the world, but still as hot as ever. 

hatch chili.jpeg

Versatile chili with about a third of the heat of a jalapeno. Originating from Hatch New Mexico where you often find them roasted.

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