Heirloom vairety, Waltham 29 is a standard for broccoli heads, but will also produce many side shoots to enjoy. 


Green curly kale will continue to produce for months and can easily withstand frost and freezes. 


Not a tomato, but in the same family. This husk fruit is versatile and has many uses beyond salsa verde. Tart flavor with citrus undertones. 


Did you know the phrase cool as a cucumber is because the inside of a growing cucumber is cooler than air temperature! 


Bring on the zucchini bread! Very productive spineless plants will keep you well stocked with zucchini for all the dishes!

Yellow Squash 

Perfectly paired with zucchini, this crook neck yellow squash is equally prolific and quick to grow. 


Heirloom Clemson Spineless variety. Tender green pods are spineless for easy picking. Harvest daily to prevent them from becoming tough. 


Heirloom Black Beauty variety that dates back to 1902. Standard for large dark purple eggplant. 

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